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Denver Energy Healing

Enjoy your Denver energy healing in person, or via Skype.

Hello, my  name is Joshua, your guide.

After experiencing the scary effects of stress, negative emotions, and psychic attack, I was desperate to find a solution that would heal myself and my loved ones.  My search for healing led to the discovery of how to heal negative thoughts, emotions, and energy patterns using the Denver energy healing tools.

Do you suffer from common issues such as:

  • Built up stress ready to burst at any moment?
  • Negative emotional influence from another person or being?
  • Life working against you?

Or do you have:

  • Dead or dying loved one?
  • End of a relationship?
  • Life threatening illness?

Maybe you feel you need a little help creating something you want in your life:

  • A loving joyful relationship with the right person?
  • A new more fulfilling job or career?
  • A more positive viewpoint on something you think is a disaster?

What’s included in a Denver energy healing?

Unconditional love – Ultimate universal healing for emotional pain.

Reiki – A powerful energy healing system discovered by Dr. Usui that addresses unresolved physical, energetic, and emotional issues.

Chakra cleansing – Negative patterns and blocks are healed.

Aura cleansing – Holes and negative energies are healed.

Removal of cords – From toxic people, places, and emotions.

Soul Retreival – Healing for fractured souls.

Past Life – ?Heals unresolved emotional issues and patterns.

Physical cleansing – Bones, blood, tissues, organs, and glands are purged or negative energies.

Creative center cleansing – Revitalizing your creative essence.

Life force recharging – Revitalizing your life force essence.

E.F.T. – Uses your body’s meridian system to address unresolved emotional issues discovered by Gary Craig.

And much more…

What qualifies Joshua to give you an energetic healing?

I’ve had many wonderful teachers pour endless amounts of time, energy and love into my own healing from trauma and stress.  They have initiated healing in me, and passed down the art of energy healing into me.

Over the past 10 years, many lives have experienced energy healing within. Your life can heal too.

This type of healing dates back thousands of years before conventional therapy and medicine arrived, and still delivers proven results!

What are the details?

Attend at my clinic or via Skype.

Some issues may require multiple sessions.

A typical healing session lasts 1 hour.  Longer sessions may be requested.

1 hour session fee is $65.

Each session includes a recording to refresh yourself afterward.

Stop healing sessions when you feel necessary.

Please allow a 24 hour window to cancel an appointment.

No background, faith, or non-faith excludes you.

When I first spoke to Joshua I immediately felt at ease. I knew that I had found a kindred spirit. My experiences in session with Joshua were deeply healing he has the ability to energetically hold and channel a space of love and support, which allows a person to go within themselves and access awareness and clarity to their own perceptions of self. Sessions have also provided me tools to help me better understand, day by day, how to live with a greater sense of freedom. Thank you and many blessings, Alena


60 Minute Healing Session

Denver energy healing
Joshua Magee Denver energy healing

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