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Denver Meditation
Joshua Magee Denver Meditation

Hello, my name is Joshua Magee, your Denver meditation guide.

Meditation and energy healing are powerful tools that close the separating gap between you and your higher power. Life can be painful, confusing, and full of struggle when we’ve been separated from ourselves. We’ve been separated through conditioning from a variety of powerful influences when we were young.  You can return to a life peace and harmony with the tools offered in this course!

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or someone who is just beginning to explore meditation and energy healing, you will benefit from this course.

Do you struggle with common issues such as:

  • Stressful workplace, commute, or home environment?
  • Painful emotions, racing mind, or relationship trouble?
  • Confusion, lack of energy, vitality,  or purpose?

Do you feel the call to teach energy healing and meditation?

Whatever it is that motivates you, I’ll share the tools that are healing me and will heal you too.

How is the Denver Meditation course different?

Many styles of meditation focus on the effects of suffering instead of it’s causes.  I’ve tried many meditations and courses over the span of my search for spirituality that had proven to fall short, over and over again, leaving me feeling just as frustrated and agitated as I was before.

Some meditations worked very well, but only as long as I thought about them or practiced them.  Shortly after they faded like the  drifting clouds on a sunny day.

If you’re like me, you want something that’s going to be there no matter what… and work 100% of the time.

In this course you’ll be presented with the key to your problems and blocks in your life.  The course only requires a couple of small but powerful things from you:

Your commitment and honesty with yourself.

What qualifies Joshua to give me a meditation course?

Many wonderful meditation and energy teachers pour endless amounts of time, energy and love into my own healing from trauma and stress.  Now I can share it with you.

Over the span of 10 years many lives have experienced healing through the Denver meditation course .  Your life can heal too.

This type of healing dates back thousands of years before conventional therapy and medicine arrived, and still delivers proven results!

What are the details of the Denver meditation course?

Choose your participation level:

  1. Live lessons – 1 hour live lesson fee is $65.
  2. Pre-recorded lessons – 1 hour pre-recorded lesson for $25.  You can request a live lesson(s) at anytime.

Attend live lessons in-person at my clinic or alternatively via Skype.

Pre-recorded lessons will be delivered via email and can be studied via smartphone, computer, or tablet.

No previous mediation experience or any success with meditation is required.  Each lesson is simple and is full to the brim with healing energy and profound peacefulness.

No background, religion, faith or non-faith excludes you.

You will be exposed to meditations and energy transmissions from traditions such as Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Usui Reiki, Taoism, and much more.  Specific lessons can be omitted upon request should they challenge your faith.


Lessons are designed in weekly increments.  You receive the lesson and anchor it with practice until the next week.  The course builds a strong foundation as you progress.

Typical sessions last for 1 hour.  Longer times may be requested.

Each lesson includes a recording and written lesson for you to study repeatedly.

The course lasts as long as your need, stop the course as you feel necessary.

Please allow a 24 hour window to cancel a live appointment.  A cancellation inside 24 hours will result in the full lesson fee charged to your account.

If you have any questions please call, text, or use the contact form.

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Denver Meditation
Joshua Magee Denver Meditation

Thank you!


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