Healing & Meditation Reviews

Hear from people who have experienced an energy healing & meditation:

(Energy healing can be delivered via Skype or in-person.)

“I am the luckiest person that I have met you, Joshua. Your sessions opened the door to the miracle I hoped for and dared only dream about. Eternal love, happiness and bliss are within easy reach; pain, fear and sadness are toys that are burnt in the eternal light – that is what I have learned from you. Since you introduced me to IPS’ existence my life has changed; it’s like I’ve been walking on light towards eternity. Everybody has to learn what life is like from IPS’ perspective.  Forever grateful to You.”

Monika, Hungary

“What is a session like? Therapy? Meditation? A Tool? Doesn’t matter really as it’s only a label. What matters is how I apply the contents of “session” to my life. So, being able to participate in a “session”— or just “be the session”— has held immense value for me in many ways. Why? Because on many occasions “session” has revealed to me that life issues that are challenging me could be looked at from a different perspective. Joshua has developed a unique gift of being able to help me see that. The work certainly can create that ‘aha’ moment, and Joshua always takes the time to make sure we understand what is being presented to us. Session is a discussion on how we can apply various tools to make living be a life! A life worth living on this plane. Thank you Joshua (and Angie) for always being there for me.
I appreciate you very much.”

Kathy, NZ

“My sessions have been wonderfully rewarding, eye-opening, refreshing, and enlightening. Sometimes sessions are not without some discomfort in that you are addressing those issues or blocks that make you uncomfortable, stagnant, sad, angry and frustrated. These are just the things that are preventing you from easing along life’s path. Much like going to the gym, some days are easy and fun, while other days are difficult and frustrating. The goal is to practice daily (or workout daily), to achieve your desired result. My sessions have varied from relaxing meditation, to complete frustration and tears in trying to overcome a block. Yet, when this block is cleared or overcome, the feelings of lightness, awareness, bliss and love are spectacular. I’ve experienced group sessions where the collective energies are remarkable and tangible. We have had sessions where we have lessons from past and present enlightened people. I always come away with some kind of new awareness, insight, and appreciation. Even listening to recorded sessions, I get the same sense of awareness and expansion. Think of these sessions as a daily workout for your soul; a way to learn to live life in the moment with love and bliss in your heart.”

Love, Robyn

“All the readings my friends, that you will receive, are without judgement and are delivered with love. The information offered is from a higher dimension and the vibration through the words can give you more awareness on Planet Earth. Josh will address issues regarding your Higher Self and your Path to Enlightenment. The messages he brings always comes from a loving, detached, non-personal space which provides a birds eye view of each of our particular teachings and historical lessons derived from each of our Soul’s journey. It is a Path to release Self Judgement. You can do these readings regularly, as the Teachings are continuous. Thank you for such a Loving reading!”

Michelle Lords RN, BSN, CPC/NYC

“I love waking up to a new session : ) or coming home from work to one. thank you for sharing your work!”

Rachael, CO

“Have you ever awoke from a dream so real that it affected your entire day? You walked around in a type of disbelief that it was a dream and thankful that it was because the events in the dream were frightful. I didn’t need a Prince Charming to assist in waking me from this world’s dreams, but I most certainly did from my dream that IS this world. Joshua has guided me through a multitude of illusions in which I was ensnared and has given me tools to help stay the course day to day. He has guided me through recognizing what I want and what I do not want and shown me how to open myself to receive what I want. In addition, Joshua has guided me through processes to affect assistance for the ones I love, who needed my energy to wake from their dreams. Of course I will continue to address illusions everyday, but I am able to recognize them now and I am able to employ the tools given. No one is without some level of fear, but learning how to recognize that you are fearful and move forward through it, is the best gift that anyone could receive. Joshua gave me that gift and I will share it with anyone wanting to receive it. I will treasure it always. Thank you!”

Michelle, TX

“When I first spoke to Joshua I immediately felt at ease. I knew that I had found a kindred spirit. My experiences in session with Joshua were deeply healing he has the ability to energetically hold and channel a space of love and support, which allows a person to go within themselves and access awareness and clarity to their own perceptions of self. Sessions have also provided me tools to help me better understand, day by day, how to live with a greater sense of freedom. Thank you and many blessings Joshua, Angie, and Magnus.”

Alena, OR

“Words do not teach… if you really take a moment and think about that it will begin to settle it. It’s not the next book you read that will change you.. because the next book is coming into your life when the problem or challenge you want to address is already in place…So true freedom, in my thoughts, is about releasing the things that keep us where we are. If it is so easy then why are not more “free”. How many 1000’s of years have we all been searching for freedom? AND many still yet to find it. Joshua and the gift that he has been given has been able to help me to transform, to transcend and to reveal my gifts I kept locked away. It was not the words he used, it was the energy in the words he used that made me to teach myself, to awaken myself, to allow myself in this moment. If you are not afraid of giving up what you fear, then this is a process that will benefit you, IF you allow yourself to transform. Can’t get to 2nd base with your foot still on 1st.
Hugs from Dallas..”

Sean, TX

Thank You dearly to everyone who has taken the time to write about their experience at the Denver energy healing clinic, Restorative Therapies Bodywork!


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