Joshua Magee

Joshua Magee
Joshua Magee

I live in Westminster, Colorado with my wife, Angie and son, Magnus.

Growing up in eastern Colorado we never locked our cars or front door.  It was simple down home living.   You would find me swimming, eating at barbecues, and playing baseball in the summertime, followed by football, piano, and school.  Running track in the spring was a favorite of mine and earning a few extra bucks at my after school job washing dishes helped me have fun with my friends.

I tried to start a career but couldn’t stay out of restaurant.  I was having too much fun!

Massage and bodywork found me through energy healing.  Energy healing and meditation found me through a major life crisis.

My car crash in 2004 nearly cost me my life and the lives of a few others.  The trouble that we all went through was life shattering.  I made steps to take responsibility for my lack of awareness and decided to use it as my ally.  I worked hard within myself to find gratitude.  A passion quickly grew inside me for energy, life, and transformation.

Now I use the valuable tools of massage, energy healing, and meditation to grow, and help others grow also.

How I can help you

  • Through massage you can restore relief, range of motion, and strength to your painful injuries.  You will enjoy positive change in the structural alignment of your body for a more fluid and pain free movement through your life.
  • Through energy healing you can experience loving healing for your body, mind, spirit, emotions.  Your painful emotions, thoughts, and blocks can be dissolved by the loving nourishment of powerful spiritual energies.
  • Through meditation you can re-cognize your own heart and clarity for spiritual growth.  You can experience relief from painful emotions as you uncover the brilliance of your pure nature.

These types of healing date back thousands of years before conventional therapy and medicine arrived, and still deliver proven results!

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