Miles H.

“I love massage and I know a good massage therapist when they give a good massage. To give a idea of what I deal with and what I look for. I have Fibromyalgia and I am a full-time Hair Stylist Leaving me with sever back pain and chronic fatigue. A standard massage does not do much for me. It takes someone that knows how to work deep tissue and to look at my body and have a plan of attack to fixing my bad posture uneven hips and just about everything else that attaches to a joint. I have never seen a Denver massage person as good as Josh. He is a healer and as knowledgeable as you can ask for from a massage therapist. I recommend him to anyone that wants real healing, someone that has had there body abused from sports, injury, car accident, fibromyalgia. I think everyone can benefit from someone that can fix you maybe where you didn’t even know you needed it. Josh’s prices are very reasonable and I don’t think you can find a better value anywhere else around. Joshua Magee works wonders”