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Eliminate Your Pain

Pain relief, freedom of movement, and emotional clarity.

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Transform Your Energy Body

Receive a more useful energetic blueprint for your body, mind, and emotions.

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Find Your Clarity

A powerful tool that will help you find clarity in any confusing and overwhelming situation .

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Restorative Therapies Bodywork

Denver Medical Massage & Healing Arts

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Mondays 8 PM MST
Joshua Magee


Medical Massage

I examine every person, including you, from a postural perspective in order to see what your body needs.  This way we can focus on your body’s dysfunctional causes and not its painful effects.  This is where mainstream massage falls short.

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Spiritual Session

You can ask questions, work out problems, learn spiritual techniques, invite miracles, advance your spiritual understanding, or just hang out and enjoy the vibe.

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Energy Healing Transformation

This type of healing dates back thousands of years before conventional therapy and medicine arrived, and still delivers proven results! You can return to a life peace and harmony!

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Joshua Magee


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